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On Afghan-Pakistan Border, a Daily Struggle to Survive

Independent Television News special correspondent Nima Elbagir reports on the struggles of daily life along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

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    Now families struggling for survival in eastern Afghanistan. Our story comes from special correspondent Nima Elbagir.


    The road to Tsasubi Village on the Afghan border with Pakistan, one of the major trafficking routes in and out of the country. And despite the dangers, Tsasubi Village elders say that along this border smuggling has become the only means of survival.

    Amir Khan said his whole family relies on his 12-year-old grandson, Jawid's, smuggling.

  • AMIR KHAN (through translator):

    If I don't let him cross the border, we will die of hunger. I am old, and he will not allow me to work anymore. We worry about him until he arrives home, but we have to do this. We won't even have a piece of bread for the evening meal if he doesn't bring some money.