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Other News: Bombings Kill Nearly 60 Iraqis

In other news, nearly 60 Iraqis were killed in a series of bombings, and some two million Pakistani refugees will be allowed to return home after fleeing from a Taliban offensive.

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    In other news today, nearly 60 Iraqis were killed in a series of bombings; another 100 were wounded. It was the worst violence since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraqi cities last week.

    In the north, 38 civilians died when suicide bombers staged a coordinated attack minutes apart. Three other bombings tore through Baghdad, killing 18 Iraqis.

    Two million Pakistani refugees will be allowed to go home next week. They fled the Swat Valley region when an army offensive against the Taliban began last April. The prime minister said today the valley is now secure and basic services have been restored.

    In China, Communist leaders demanded peace be restored in the country's northwest. President Hu and members of the ruling committee issued their first statement on the ethnic rioting in Xinjiang province. More than 150 people died there earlier this week. The warning came as 8,000 riot police marched through the capital city of the province. Troops moved in yesterday in a show of force to calm the public and stop further rioting.

    A new political fight has erupted over CIA briefings to the U.S. Congress. It came to light today in letters from the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Silvestre Reyes, and other Democrats. They charged the agency has repeatedly misled lawmakers. They said CIA Director Leon Panetta acknowledged it in a briefing last month. In May, House Speaker Pelosi accused the CIA of lying to her about waterboarding terror suspects.

    General Motors moved to emerge from federal bankruptcy protection today. The way was cleared when a federal judge's order took effect. The directive lets the automaker sell most of its assets to a new company. The new G.M. will be 60 percent owned by the federal government.

    On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 4 points to close at 8,183. The Nasdaq rose 5 points to close at 1,752.

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