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Other News: FBI, New York City Police Foil Terror Plot

In other news, the FBI and New York City police foiled a terrorist plot to attack Jewish synagogues and a military plane, and three U.S. soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Baghdad.

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    In other news today, the FBI, New York City police, and others announced they foiled a plot to attack Jewish synagogues and military airplanes. Four men were arrested last night after a year-long sting operation. Authorities said the men thought they had planted bombs near two synagogues. Instead, the explosives were fake, provided by an undercover agent.

    New York City's police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, said the men wanted to start a holy war.

    RAYMOND KELLY, New York City police commissioner: … stated they wanted to commit jihad. They were disturbed about what was happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that Muslims were being killed. They made the statement that they didn't — you know, if Jews were killed in this attack, it wouldn't — you know, that would be all right.


    Police said the four men did not appear to be connected to al-Qaida.

    In Iraq, three U.S. soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Baghdad. It happened in the southern part of the city, as the soldiers patrolled an outdoor market. The attack was one of a series that killed at least 66 people in the past two days.

    The United Auto Workers union and General Motors reached a tentative deal on new concessions today. It was a key step toward letting G.M. restructure without going into federal bankruptcy court. The deal called for cutting labor costs, closing more plants, and changing the way a health care plan for retirees is funded. It's subject to approval by union members.

    On Wall Street today, stocks slumped for a third day on new data that major job cuts are continuing. The Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 129 points to close at 8,292. The Nasdaq fell 32 points to close at 1,695.