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Palin Takes ‘Going Rogue’ on U.S. Book Tour

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is taking her new book, "Going Rogue," across the country. Judy Woodruff gets reactions.

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    And now to the Sarah Palin story: on the road again, promoting her memoir.

    Judy Woodruff reports.

  • CROWD:

    Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!


    A year after she drew larger crowds than John McCain as number two on his ticket, Sarah Palin is drawing crowds again, this time as she launches her book tour. People eager to catch a glimpse of the former Alaska governor lined up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, early this morning for a book signing set for tonight.

  • WOMAN:

    She just represents everything that I believe in. She's just real. She's just like me and my buddy sitting at the table talking politics about how we think things should be.


    For the next three weeks, Palin plans to visit at least 23 states, stopping in selected cities to promote "Going Rogue," her new memoir.

    Even at a bookstore in Washington, D.C., a city she's not visiting, the first shipment of Palin books sold out quickly. Staffers were busy restocking more.

  • HOLLY KUEBLER, shopper:

    I'm really interested to learn more about her life, about some of the decisions that she has made recently, especially her deciding to run for vice president and what that entailed. And then I'm interested to know what she is planning and how that may ultimately affect what happens nationally.


    I'm very much interested in reading it. I don't agree with her politics, but I think she's a fascinating person.


    But some in the store weren't impressed.

  • A.J. CHARANIA, Shopper:

    It's a very serious time. I would rather read more serious works on serious issues in terms of the economy or society.


    Despite divided opinions, the book is having no trouble selling. High pre-order sales have put it in the number-one slot on for weeks.

    SUSAN MOLINARI, (R-NY), former congresswoman: I think the — the perspective of Republicans after the campaign about her was a question mark.