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Pew Poll Finds McCain Faces Enthusiasm Gap, Obama Sees Unity Challenge

Sen. John McCain is facing an enthusiasm gap on the campaign trail, a new Pew poll shows, while his rival, Sen. Barack Obama, faces his own challenges leading a divided party. After a campaign news update, the Pew center's Andy Kohut discusses the poll's findings.

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    Barack Obama and John McCain dueled on the economy today. Obama campaigned in Fairfax, Va., where he focused on economic security for women. He raised recent statements by McCain and by one of his advisers, former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, saying they failed to understand the concerns of women voters.

    SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D), Ill.: Senator McCain is an honorable man. He has rendered extraordinary service to this nation, and we deeply respect that service.

    But when you look at our records and you look at our plans on the economic issues that matter most to women, it becomes very clear that he will not bring change, and I will.

    That starts with acknowledging the economic difficulties that so many families and so many women are experiencing right now. If you can't see the problem, you're not going to solve it.

    Senator McCain, unfortunately, doesn't seem to see the problem. He surveyed the Bush economic record and he's said that we have, quote, unquote, "made great progress" with the economy.

    Today, one of his top economic advisers, former Senator Phil Gramm, said that we're merely in a "mental recession."

    That's what he said. He said we're in a "mental recession." It's all — he didn't say this, but I guess what he meant was that it's a figment of your imagination, these high gas prices. Senator Gramm then deemed the United States, and I quote, "a nation of whiners."

    Whoa, a nation of whiners. Now, this comes after Senator McCain recently admitted that his energy proposals, you know, for the gas tax holiday and the drilling, will have mainly, quote, "psychological benefits."

    Now, I want all of you to know that America already has one Dr. Phil. We don't need another one when it comes to the economy. We need somebody to actually solve the economy.

    It's not just a figment of your imagination. It's not all in your head.

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