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Pittsburgh Media Adapts to Shifting News Landscape

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is preparing for the demands of covering the presidential primary campaign by focusing mainly on online reporting and adapting to a changing media landscape. Jeffrey Brown reports on the Post-Gazette's strategy.

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    And now to the launch of our special coverage of Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary, as seen through the eyes of people who live in our designated spotlight city, Pittsburgh.

    Tonight, Jeffrey Brown has a Media Unit report on how people there are getting their news about the election campaign and how local news organizations are responding to a world of change.

  • ALLAN WALTON, Assistant Managing Editor Multimedia, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    I don't think we need a lot of video, a minute, maybe 90 seconds of…


    When journalists at Pittsburgh's leading newspaper head out to cover a story about the presidential primary these days, a camera is part of the standard equipment.

  • STEVE MELLON, Photographer/Videographer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    And right now, we're in the final processes of cleaning up the edit.


    Down the hall on a recent day at the Post-Gazette, Steve Mellon, a staff photographer for 25 years, was honing a new skill: editing video.


    Well, the point of this is to get our readers' voices on the Web and to have them voice their concerns and the questions, the things they're thinking about, and hopefully to have the political candidates or their campaigns view this, and hear these concerns, and respond in some way.


    In fact, for campaign coverage and for everything else, says executive editor David Shribman, it's a whole new ballgame. Shribman came to the Post-Gazette five years ago after an award-winning career with the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times.

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