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Poet Reflects on Family and a Trip to the World Series

Poet Karen Zaborowski Duffy has been a high school English teacher for 20 years. She's been a Philadelphia Phillies fan for even longer. Although her beloved team is not in this year's World Series, she shares a poem about being at the event years ago with her daughter.

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    When I wrote the poem, all of this came together, and I was keenly aware of the importance of capturing moments, in poetry and in life.

    World Series, Game 5

    Even God, I think, is here,

    so high up in the stands

    with my ten-year old daughter and me

    we can almost touch the X

    from Schmidty's old home run,

    probably the two worst seats at the Vet

    but right where the whole world

    wants to be.

    I let her drink real Coke,

    eat Milky Ways and dance with strangers

  • at 11:

    30 on a school night and still

    ninety minutes from home.

    I took her sticky hand.

    The Phillies and we are in control.

    For now, the world has stopped worrying

    about players who might be traded,

    moods that might swing and miss.

    There are no thoughts about new uniforms

    and the boys who will wear them.

    Tonight she is here and finds it easy

    to love me for this end-of-season

    home game.

    We are those jumping red dots

    in the center of the universe, my daughter

    and me and a baseball game

    that is perfect and no more meaningless

    than anything else.