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Police Diffuse Car Bombs in London

Police neutralized two car bombs in central London Friday. The NewsHour reports on the incidents and what they mean for England's homeland security.

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    Catherine Mayer, welcome. Was the interception of this Mercedes before it exploded the result of any new anti-terror measures, spending or technology?

  • CATHERINE MAYER, Time Magazine:

    No, actually it was just a matter of luck. The ambulance service was called to a nightclub in central London very near to Piccadilly Circus, which will be known to a lot of your viewers. And when the ambulance men were in attendance, they noticed a vehicle parked just outside the nightclub that was filling with smoke, so they thought that it may be some kind of vehicle fire, and went to investigate, and discovered the first of the bombs.


    Was the nightclub the presumed target for this bomb?


    Well, that's not clear. It would, I think, seem to be clearer, however, since the discovery of the second car bomb, which had also been parked around the corner from the first, that if not that nightclub, then that area was intended.

    Originally, there was a second and quite feasible theory that, because of the smoke, that the bomber may have panicked and fled and just left the car wherever he happened to be. And, of course, this is just two days after we have a new prime minister here, so there was some suspicion that the bomber may have been trying to drive to Westminster, which is very near there.

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