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President Bush Theatens Veto of Senate’s Emergency Spending Bill

A $92 billion emergency spending bill already has the support of President Bush and approval by the House. However, the Senate has added $14 billion dollars for projects they consider emergencies, and the president is threatening to veto the bill. Kwame Holman reports on putting a price tag on emergencies.

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    Putting a price tag on emergencies. NewsHour congressional correspondent Kwame Holman reports.


    Big-ticket items make up the bulk of the emergency spending bill now moving through Congress: $67 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; $23 billion for Katrina recovery on the Gulf Coast; and just over $2 billion to prepare for a possible avian flu outbreak.

    The $92 billion price tag already has the support of the president, approval by the House, and its nearing approval in the Senate.

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