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Presidential Tickets Offer Women Voters More Choices

Although female voters had been leaning Democratic so far in this presidential campaign, Gov. Sarah Palin has brought new appeal to the Republican ticket for socially conservative women. Two analysts examine issues that concern women and how these will influence their vote, especially for Hillary Clinton's former supporters.

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    Now, how the Sarah Palin nomination might impact women voters. Judy Woodruff has that story.


    John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate was partly aimed at winning over women voters, including those who supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

    But what are female voters looking for in this election? And what is Barack Obama's message to them?

    For that, we turn to Republican strategist Linda DiVall. She's president of American Viewpoint, a public opinion research firm, and she polls for the McCain campaign.

    And Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg, she's senior vice president of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. She is not advising the Obama campaign.

    Thank you both for being with us.

    And, Anna, to you, first. We know women made up something like 52 percent of the vote overall in 2004. Right now, before the Sarah Palin announcement, how were women voters in this election dividing up?

    ANNA GREENBERG, Democratic pollster: Well, women voters were leaning Democratic. Barack Obama was getting anywhere from 52 percent to 54 percent, 55 percent of the vote. And actually, after the Sarah Palin announcement, he was getting the exact same share of the women's vote.

    Most of the polls really haven't been able to measure the impact of her speech on Wednesday night yet, so I don't think we'll know probably until early next week if she had an impact on the women's vote. But certainly the announcement itself, it actually appears to be fairly stable.

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