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Program to Help New Orleans Homeowners Moving Slowly

The Road Home program was granted $7.5 billion by the federal government to help New Orleans homeowners rebuild. But of the 109,000 families who have applied, only 1,300 homeowners have received anything. The NewsHour reports on the reconstruction process.

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  • BETTY ANN BOWSER, NewsHour Correspondent:

    Thirty-year-old Michael Malone has sent his family to Georgia until he can get enough money to repair the flooded family homestead.

  • MICHAEL MALONE, Hurricane Katrina Victim:

    This is our empty lot that used to contain…


    K.C. King and his wife have been living for more than a year in a cramped R.V. besides a levy that broke and destroyed their house.

  • K.C. KING, Hurricane Katrina Victim:

    Watch your step. This is some of the stuff I was able to salvage.


    And music producer Mark Samuels has begun work on his house, but he's run out of funds, so, like the other two New Orleans homeowners, he's stuck, until money from the state-run Road Home program comes through.

  • MARK SAMUELS, Hurricane Katrina Victim:

    The Road Home program sounded like it was the right idea and the right thing, you know, to get money into people's hands so they could rebuild.


    The Road Home was set up with $7.5. billion in federal money to provide up to $150,000 grants to homeowners to rebuild the state's devastated housing stock. But 18 months after the flooding, only 1,300 homeowners have received a cent out of the 109,000 who've applied.

    Frank Silvestri is co-chair of the Citizens Road Home Action Team, a watchdog organization.

  • FRANK SILVESTRI, Citizens’ Road Home Action Team:

    This city can't move forward until those people are given their grants. And, at this point after the storm, it's abysmal.