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Relative of Chief Judge in Saddam Trial Killed in Baghdad

Militant gunmen killed a brother-in-law of the chief judge in the Saddam Hussein trial, police said Friday. A reporter provides an update on the murder and other violence, as well as comments made by U.S. generals about the security situation in Iraq.

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    Christian, today the brother-in-law of the presiding judge in the Saddam Hussein trial was killed. Is anything known about the killers? Is it assumed that this was directly tied to the trial?

  • CHRISTIAN CARYL, Correspondent, Newsweek:

    We never heard anything specific about who was behind them, but we can generally assume that, in this particular case, people who we're probably dealing with are regime loyalists, people who are essentially loyal to Saddam Hussein, and who view this entire trial as an offense against their sensibilities, as an insult to their group.

    We're talking probably about Sunni Muslims. And what this murder shows, this latest in a whole series of these murders, is that it's basically impossible to provide total security for all the family members and relatives of the people who are involved in prosecuting this case.

    Somehow, these groups find out where the family members and relatives of these people live. They use tribal networks; they use various kinds of groups. And they'll find out where your relatives are, and they'll come and get them. Security is provided for the actual prosecutors and prosecutors' teams, but not for all of their relatives, obviously.

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