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Remembering Rhythm and Blues Singer Lou Rawls

Rhythm and Blues singer Lou Rawls died Friday at the age of 72.

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    Finally tonight, remembering singer Lou Rawls. He was known for his suave manner and smooth voice. He recorded 52 albums that crossed over several kinds of music, winning three Grammys and scoring several big hits.

    Here's a clip of his performing one of those hits. The song is "Natural Man". The concert was part of a BET Jazz channel special in 2000.


    … Those kinda dues just make me crazy and blue, Man, I just can't take it So when you see me walkin' won't you notice the proud look in my eyesMy feet are on the ground, my soul is searching for the sky

    'Cause I want to be happy and freeLivin' and lovin' for me.I want to be happy and free Livin' and lovin' for meJust like a natural man (just like a natural man) I said a natural man (just like a natural man) My feet are on the ground (just like a natural man)My soul is searchin' for the sky Just like a natural man (just like a natural man)

    ( cheers and applause )


    Lou Rawls was 72 years old.

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