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Researchers Scramble to Create CO2-Busting Technologies

With carbon dioxide comprising 80 percent of greenhouse gases, researchers are creating technologies to neutralize emissions and reverse their effects on global warming.

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  • PAUL SOLMAN, NewsHour Economics Correspondent:

    Global warming. Almost all climatologists agree it's a clear and future danger. Wallace Broecker, a geochemist at Columbia University, has been blaming his fellow humans for over 30 years.

  • WALLACE BROECKER, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory:

    The way we're going now, we're not being responsible. We're saying, "We want energy as cheap as we can get it, damn the future."


    Meanwhile, says Broecker, the world's population is heading toward nine billion. If current trends continue, carbon in the atmosphere may triple by the end of the century.


    And triple is something like a six-degree centigrade warming. We would certainly melt the Greenland icecap and probably release the West Antarctic ice sheet, which together would raise sea level about thirty-six feet.


    Thirty-six feet?


    Yes. So that would mean all coastal property throughout the whole world would be destroyed, unless you diked it off.