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Rutgers Players Agree to Meet with Imus, Condemn His Remarks

Although the Rutgers University women's basketball team has agreed to meet with radio and television talk show host Don Imus, its players and coach expressed anger Tuesday over his racially tinged comments about them.

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  • DEE DEE JERNIGAN, Rutgers Women’s Basketball:

    Good morning. I'm Dee Dee Jernigan. I'm from East Chicago, Indiana, and I'm a freshman.

  • BRITTANY RAY, Rutgers Women’s Basketball:

    My name is Brittany Ray.

  • EPIPHANNY PRINCE, Rutgers Women’s Basketball:

    I'm Epiphanny Prince.

  • KIA VAUGHN, Rutgers Women’s Basketball:

    Good morning, everyone. My name is Kia Vaughn, and I'm from the Bronx in New York, and I'm a sophomore on this great team.


    After days of being talked about, today a group of young women chose to do their own talking.

  • KATIE ADAMS, Rutgers Women’s Basketball:

    Good morning. My name is Katie Adams from Ogden, Utah. I'm a junior, proud member of the Rutgers women's basketball team.