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Scores Killed After Gunmen Launch Multiple Attacks in Mumbai, India

Dozens of people died Wednesday in Mumbai, India, in a series of gun and grenade attacks targeting hotels and other sites. Washington Post reporter Rama Lakshmi provides details from the scene.

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    The attacks in India. I talked moments ago with Rama Lakshmi, a Washington Post correspondent in the capital, New Delhi.

    Rama, we're watching some pretty dramatic footage here of buildings on fire. Give us the latest on what's happened there.

  • RAMA LAKSHMI, The Washington Post:

    The death toll so far is more than 80, and the people injured is more than 300.

    What started with firing — a series of firing and grenade explosions five-and-a-half ago — or a little under five-and-a-half hours ago — is still going on.

    Right now, all the action is at this 103-year-old hotel. You know, it's a beautiful, historic heritage site of Mumbai City. And in the last half-an-hour, television has just stayed focused on the dome of this hotel, which caught fire, and now we are hearing that there are blasts inside the hotel.

    This is a huge — this is a huge and unprecedented attack, terrorist attack in India. We have had, you know, a string of attacks in the last few months, but this is the most dramatic.

    And I fear for people — people in Mumbai say they fear for the dome of the hotel. It might come down if this goes on, because there are several blasts that are going on in that hotel.


    Now, we understand there were at least seven coordinated attacks or more than that?


    Seven confirmed, but eight is unconfirmed. The eighth one is unconfirmed, but seven confirmed by the police so far, outside hotels, luxury hotels, firings outside cinema halls, municipal cooperation buildings, train stations, hospitals, all kinds of places, and most it has taken place in this affluent, posh southern district of Mumbai City, which is on the coastline and it's the main business district…


    And you…


    … and the nerve center of the economic capital of India.