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Senate Plans Committee to Probe into Haditha Slayings by Marines

In light of the Marine Corps' soon to be released report into the killings of 25 Iraqi civilians in Haditha, the Senate Armed Services Committee announced that it will investigate the allegations as well. A New York Times reporter in Baghdad recounts the events of the day and eye witness interviews.

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    Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace joined President Bush this morning in honoring America's war heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.

    PETER PACE, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: For more than 230 years, men and women have given their lives in the service of this country.


    But hours earlier, the marine general was performing duty of a different sort on several morning news programs. His message: The military will get to the bottom of what happened last November 19th.

    That's when, witnesses say, 24 Iraqi civilians were gunned down by U.S. Marines in the insurgent stronghold of Haditha, northwest of Baghdad.


    We need to make sure that we in the Armed Forces and those who observe us understand that, if that were — if that did happen, it's an anomaly.