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Series of Explosions Kills More Than 200 in Iraq

After a particularly bloody weekend in Iraq in which at least 200 people were killed in suicide bombings and shootings, reporter Michael Gordon updates the situation from Baghdad.

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    The Iraq story, the military offensive there, and the U.S. Senate debate here. We get the military story from New York Times correspondent Michael Gordon. He has been embedded with the 3rd Stryker Brigade in Baquba. Ray Suarez spoke with him earlier this evening from Baghdad.


    Michael Gordon, welcome back to the program. You've spent much of the last several weeks embedded with American troops in Iraq. Tell us where you've been and what kind of action the units you've been embedded with have seen.

  • MICHAEL GORDON, New York Times:

    Well, several weeks ago, the United States military began an operation in the area outside of Baghdad in what they called the Baghdad belts, and this was an operation that is pretty much intended to improve the security in Baghdad by going after the sanctuaries outside the city for the al-Qaida of Mesopotamia group.

    And I was with a Stryker brigade, 3/2, which went up to Baquba and tried to clear out the western half of the city, which had become a sanctuary over the past several months for the insurgents.

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