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Severe Drought Hits Horn of Africa

Millions of people in Somalia and Kenya "are on the brink of starvation" because of a severe drought that has swept the Horn of Africa.

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  • DAVID MCGUFFIN, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    She is 60 years old. All she owns are the clothes on her back. Her livestock are dead; her crops have failed for three straight years. But Makay Sufi walked the 60 miles to this refugee camp on her own.

    "I came in search of food and shelter," she says. "I have nothing. But even here, our monthly food rations only feed us for a week." Up to 500,000 Somalis like Sufi are on the move in a desperate hunt for food.

  • HASSAN ADEN FARAH, Aid Worker:

    This is the most worst drought we have faced us now — that we faced now for the last 30 years. Children are dying, everything dying. Animals are dying. Camels, only a few are surviving. So this is a big problem we face now.