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Social Values, Shopping Merge in ‘World of Good’

Since 2004, the company World of Good has helped merge consumerism and social consciousness by partnering with retailers to market fair-trade handcrafted items. Spencer Michels reports on the business of combining social values, opportunities for artisans and shopping.

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    Primarily, it employs people who are not educated, haven't been to school, and probably either rural or urban poor. And so by creating employment for them and helping them create sustainable livelihoods, they can then invest in the education of their children, improve their community.


    Haji, at 38, is the CEO and co-founder of World of Good, a privately held for-profit company based near San Francisco that seems more like a non-profit.

    The company's goal is to empower and enrich poor women in hundreds of communities using business techniques that Haji learned while studying for her MBA at Berkeley and social values instilled by her parents.


    My mom is from India; my dad's from east Africa. And social justice, I think, is really a part of the way I was raised.

    My dad and I started a free clinic when I was in high school, so I learned how to be an entrepreneur from him. And then when I got into business school, it was really with the idea of, how are we going to use business to do good?

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