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Taliban Claims Credit for Deadly Suicide Bombing

Bill Neely of Independent Television news reports on the latest suicide bombing at the Indian embassy in Afghanistan that killed at least 17 people.

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    That follows our Afghanistan update.

    We begin with a report about the latest suicide attack, narrated by Bill Neely of Independent Television News.


    In the mangled remains of his car, a young man called Khalid, has just brought carnage to Kabul. His target was the Indian Embassy, but he killed 17 Afghans, nearly all of them civilians.

    JAYANT PRASAD, Indian ambassador, Afghanistan: We are going to go after the perpetrators of the attack relentlessly. And there will be a reckoning for this attack.


    The Taliban bomber struck in the morning rush hour. Most of the victims were in a market next to the embassy. He was able to drive in because last month, the road was reopened for the first time since a huge bomb killed 58 people at the embassy last summer. It had been reinforced, but the bombers keep coming.

    Kabul is now a capital under siege, its people in panic. They knew last year the Taliban were poised at the city gates. Now the killers are in and wreaking havoc. It's the fifth major bombing here in two months.

    The Afghan government says this attack was planned by a state, not a group, its finger pointing at Pakistan. The Pakistanis have condemned it. The Indians aren't blaming them for the moment. But tensions between the three countries are strained. And, in Kabul, the eight-year war is hitting their streets as never before.

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