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Taliban Link Explored in British Troop Deaths

Nick Paton Walsh of Independent Television News reports on a fatal attack in Afghanistan against British soldiers patrolling Helmand Province.

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    That follows our two Afghanistan stories.

    We begin with the attack on British soldiers in Helmand Province.

    Nick Paton Walsh of Independent Television News reports from Kabul.


    It was perhaps the worst afternoon they have had here at Camp Bastion since the war began. They save lives here daily, but seldom this many of their own countrymen, one single shooting claiming the lives of five British soldiers in an instant that could shake NATO's war strategy.

    The helicopters kept on coming, six British soldiers and two Afghan police also badly wounded; 92 British troops have died this year, most from roadside bombs or gunfire. But this was different, shocking. These men were shot dead by a member of their own team they were meant to trust, an Afghan policeman.


    They worked and lived there, they had done for the last two weeks, with Afghan national policemen. And it would appear that — and this is, as I say, our initial understanding of what went on, is that an individual Afghan national policeman, possibly acting in conjunction with one other, started firing inside the checkpoint, before fleeing from the scene.


    The incident took place 400 meters from a British base in Nad-e-Ali. It was quarter past 3:00 after a joint foot patrol. The British trainers debriefed the Afghans, their body armor off, their weapons nearby.

    On the roof, the gunman shot his Afghan commander, before aiming the AK-47 at the British. He then escaped on a motorbike into a Taliban stronghold.

    Gordon Brown said the Taliban were behind the attack, and had infiltrated the Afghan police. A Taliban spokesman agreed, and said more such attacks would follow. And talk of tensions between the British and Afghans on the front line was met with a show of unity this afternoon.