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Tensions Rise Between U.S., Venezuela after Rice Remarks

The war of words between the United States and Venezuela intensified this week after Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said President Hugo Chavez is "destroying" his country politically and economically. From Caracas, Margaret Warner discusses the comments and reaction across Latin America.

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    Margaret, glad to have you with us from Caracas.


    Hi, Jeff.


    I gather there's been a lot of talk down there about a comment Secretary of State Rice made this week about President Hugo Chavez. Let's hear part of that.

    CONDOLEEZZA RICE, U.S. Secretary of State: I do believe that the president of Venezuela is really destroying his own country, economically, politically, and this is a place with which we've had traditionally very good relations.

    The Catholic Church is under attack in Venezuela. We have discussions with the church about that. And so we're going to continue to press the case. We're going to continue to fund organizations that are trying to resist. But I think we want to make this about American defense of democracy, not a rhetorical contest with the president of Venezuela.

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