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The stories student reporters want to see in 2019

Participants from the NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs, a project that teaches young reporters about journalism and media literacy, share what they’d like to see from the media in 2019.

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  • Amna Nawaz:

    Student Reporting Labs is a "PBS NewsHour" project that teaches journalism and media literacy in high schools across the United States and abroad.

    To start the year, we asked these young reporters to share what they want in 2019 from the media they consume and create.

    Here now is a sampling of what they said in this week's installment of our regular education segment, Making the Grade.

  • Courtney Smith:

    In 2019, I would love to tell more hard-hitting news, because I feel like, especially in high school, we get kind of distracted by, like, the little light things and don't really focus on the bigger picture of the things that are happening around us.

  • Adam Navarro:

    I really want to tell stories about our youth, because, most of the time, all the stories that are on the news or on TV are about older people, who aren't really as connected with our younger generations.

  • Ryan Dudak:

    It's important that young people are just as informed as people in older generations. So, mainstream news and media should definitely try to tap into the issues that younger people care about.

  • Ailani Frasert:

    Something I like about being a student reporter is being able to go out and record stories that matter to the real world.

  • Angel Van Horn:

    The chaos isn't over at the border, and there is still a problem with women's rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Yara Ahmed:

    I think that our generation is actually doing some pretty amazing things that aren't being covered by mainstream media, but should be.

  • Hailey Moore:

    The opioid crisis that is shaking America is something that I think everyone should really know about, because — especially because we live in Maine, where the percentage is so high. And I just think that it's just getting worse. And I just think, if one more person knows about it, the better.

  • Penny Lapearl:

    In 2019, I hope to hear stories that job companies become more lenient with people having tattoos and letting them express themselves more.

  • Kirsten Cintigo:

    I hope to tell stories about people who are marginalized and try to tell more than one side of the truth.

  • Emily Franceschi:

    I hope, in 2019, I can tell stories for those who feel they don't have a voice and for those who don't have the opportunity to tell the stories they'd like to tell.

  • Sumeet Gulati:

    I want to be able to showcase other people's cultures, other people's religions, other people's beliefs, and just to spread more knowledge about other people within our community today.

  • Gelina Melograno:

    I really want to tell more human interest stories in 2019. I think it's more interesting to watch, and you can definitely learn some things through the people that you're interviewing and telling the story about.

  • Yara Ahmed:

    I'm Muslim, and I get affected by the fact that only negative stories are told about Muslims every single day. So I think that they could truly effect positive change if they showed positive stories.

  • Alice Plummer:

    Some stories that I would like to tell in 2019 are definitely more family- and community-based, to get the community more involved in each other's lives and things that are taking place.

  • Sophie Nightingale Edwards:

    A lot of people have different opinions on politics, and understanding their point of view on why they picked each side is very interesting.

  • Isaac Palmer:

    We feel more disconnected in our relationships, and I feel like we can kind of shed some light on that, and really use our new tools in social media as a force to bring us together.

  • Kaleb Velez:

    I feel like, today, we are not focused on what really matters, and I feel like we don't actually talk to each other as human beings. So I feel like being able to share stories about people and how amazing they are is just my dream.

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