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Track Star Jones Pleads Guilty to Steroids Use

Olympic track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty to the use of steroids before competing in the 2000 summer games. The NewsHour talks to a reporter following the story for an update.

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    She was one of the world's most accomplished athletes. With a big smile and huge talent, Marion Jones was the star of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the first woman to win five medals at a single Olympic Games, three of them gold.

    But she was soon dogged by reports and rumors that she used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Jones was formally linked to steroids during a federal probe that began in 2003 into a company called BALCO, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative. BALCO's owner and several others pleaded guilty to supplying athletes with a steroid, THG, sometimes called "the clear," which was touted as being undetectable.

    During the investigation, founder Victor Conte said he saw Jones using steroids.

  • VICTOR CONTE, President, BALCO:

    The purpose of telling the truth was not just simply to harm these athletes. The purpose was to bring focus and attention on the Olympic governing body officials, the owners of the professional sports teams, the players union executives, who have harbored, promoted and enabled this culture for decades.


    For years, Jones vehemently denied the charge.

  • MARION JONES, Athlete:

    I know that I'm an athlete that has always been drug-free. And I am right now, and I will always be.


    Today she had a different story, acknowledging in a New York federal court that she had lied to federal agents about using performance-enhancing drugs. Jones spoke outside the courthouse this afternoon.


    It is with a great amount of shame that I stand before you and tell you that I have betrayed your trust. Making these false statements to federal agents was an incredibly stupid thing for me to do, and I am responsible fully for my actions.