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U.S. Embassy Attacked in Protest Over Kosovo Independence

Rioters attacked a U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday, in protest of Western support of Kosovo's declaration of independence. A journalist in Serbia details the violence on the ground and how Serbians are reacting to the news.

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    Mr. Vasovic, tell us first about the mass rally that preceded the attack on the U.S. embassy. Who organized it, and why?

  • ALEKSANDAR VASOVIC, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network:

    The government and the parliament actually organized the rally. There were about 200,000 people there to express their protests against Kosovo independence and the recognition of the newly independent territory by the U.S. and most Western countries.

    Kostunica, the prime minister, said that Kosovo belongs to Serbia and the Serbian people, and there is no threat or punishment that is strong enough for Serbia to relinquish Kosovo.

    Also, Tomislav Nikolic, the leader of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party, the single strongest faction in parliament, said that today everybody must listen to the people, to the people's voice that's saying that Kosovo is the heart of Serbia.

    Most of the protestors, led by government officials, the prime minister and the clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, then went to the mass to the Saint Sava temple, to the mass for Kosovo, but a part of the protestors went straight to the U.S. embassy in the Kneza Milosa Boulevard.