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U.S. Military Clarifies Zarqawi Death from Air Strike

A report looks at the latest details of his killing of al-Zarqawi's death in Iraq, including the announcement today by that U.S. military that the Al-Qaeda operative was alive for a short time after the bombings.

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    It seemed unlikely anyone could have lived through the massive U.S. air strike north of Baghdad yesterday, but that's the news U.S. military spokesman Major General William Caldwell delivered to reporters at the Pentagon via satellite.

  • Force-Iraq:

    MAJ. GEN. WILLIAM CALDWELL, Spokesman, Multi-National What I can tell you is that, again, from the debriefs this morning, which gave us greater clarity than what we had before, is Zarqawi, in fact, did survive the air strike.

    The report specifically states that nobody else did survive, though, from what they know.

    The first people on the scene were the Iraqi police. They had found him and put him into some kind of gurney-stretcher kind of thing, and then American coalition forces arrived immediately thereafter onsite. They immediately went to the person in the stretcher, were able to start identifying him by some distinguishing marks on his body.