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U.S. Tightens Border Security as Mexico’s Drug War Rages On

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced plans Tuesday for bolstering security along the country's southwest border in an effort to curb spillover from Mexico's deadly drug war. Betty Ann Bowser reports.

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    In response to an increasingly bloody drug war in Mexico, the Obama administration announced measures to prevent the spread of violence into the United States.

    In what it called a major security initiative, the administration said it would double the number of agents along the border and provide more equipment to fight the Mexican drug cartels.

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano outlined the plan this morning.

    JANET NAPOLITANO, Secretary of Homeland Security: Our goal is twofold. One is to provide assistance to the government of Mexico to break up these huge cartels which are funneling tonnage quantities of illegal drugs into our country on a regular basis and are conducting this war of violence within Mexico that has resulted in over 6,000 homicides, over 550 of which were assassinations of law enforcement and public official personnel.

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