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Unearthed Gold Sheds Light on Anglo-Saxon History

Britain's largest collection of gold artifacts has been discovered and it dates back 1,300 years to the Anglo-Saxons. Nicholas Glass of ITN reports.

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    And finally tonight, a story about some long-lost gold, the largest collection of gold artifacts ever found in Britain, intricate pieces of Anglo-Saxon history, more than 1,300 years old. Nicholas Glass of Independent Television News reports.


    Five days in July and a metal detectorist stumbled on the find of his life in a grass field on farmland in south Staffordshire. Here was so much Anglo-Saxon treasure, so much gold, much of it just lying on the surface, a hoard like no other.

    Terry Herbert couldn't quite believe it, working away with an old trusted metal detector…

    DUNCAN SLARKE, finds liaison officer: Terry and his cousin would be showing me, "Oh, this is a nice one. This is a nice one." And you would just be saying — it got the point — and Terry has said to me that he was dreaming the patterns. So he knew how big it was.

    And one thing he says, the second — I think day two and day three of his search was horrific weather, and there was thunder and lightning, and he'd had to retreated to his car, and he'd sort of chuckled to himself with the thought that, if he got hit by lightning and he was found lying on his back with pockets full of Anglo-Saxon gold, what would it look like? I mean, that would have been a story.

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