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Violence Escalates Amidst Reconciliation Efforts By Iraqi Premier

The U.S. military announced 11 more deaths Wednesday, as Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki called for a national reconciliation conference to build political consensus between the warring Shiite and Sunni factions. A journalist in Baghdad discusses the situation there.

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    Borzou Daragahi, welcome. The last 24 hours have been among the bloodiest for American forces since the fall of Baghdad. How have these 11 deaths occurred?

  • BORZOU DARAGAHI, Los Angeles Times:

    Well, they've occurred in six different combat incidents around the country, most of them in Baghdad, in various parts of Baghdad. Most of them have been roadside bomb attacks. There have been a few sniper attacks, small-arms fire. Some of the attacks are not described in detail by the U.S. military; they don't disclose that information for security reasons.


    Have the last couple of days also been dangerous ones for Iraqi civilians?


    It's just been a constant simmer of sectarian violence, roadside bombs and car bombs targeting security patrols, but often killing Iraqi civilians, as well. Today we counted at least 35 bodies gathered up, victims of sectarian death squads.

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