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Web Reporter Details New Methods of Conflict Coverage

Yahoo news correspondent Kevin Sites talks about his new book, "In the Hot Zone," and what it's like to report on conflict zones around the world using the latest multimedia and Web tools.

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    It's a marriage of new technology and old-fashioned reporting.

  • KEVIN SITES, Journalist:

    We've got to pan around here just a little bit so you can see it.


    In 2005, Yahoo hired Kevin Sites to be its first news correspondent and help pioneer a new kind of solo journalism online. Sites spent a year visiting 20 of the world's hot spots, from Gaza and Chechnya to the Congo and Myanmar, reporting back via video, still photos, and blog with daily posts.

    He traveled alone with a backpack, carrying video and still cameras, a laptop computer, and satellite transmission equipment to shoot, write, edit and send reports. Prior to his Internet work, Sites worked in war zones for NBC and CNN.

    Sites' Yahoo Web site attracted nearly two million viewers per week. The work is now collected in a new book called "In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars."

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