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World Must Step Up in Darfur, Activist Says

Wrapping up a series about what the United States and others should do about ending the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan, human rights activist Albaqir Mukhtar calls for stronger action from the international community.

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    Finally, we wrap up a week of conversations about what the world can and should do about Darfur. And then we look at a museum exhibit of images from the world's newest genocide.

    Over the past several days, we've heard proposals for military action, more active diplomacy, and economic sanctions. Now, Ray Suarez talks to a human rights activist who calls for stronger action from the international community.


    And that idea comes from Albaqir Mukhtar, senior fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, an organization promoting conflict resolution. Originally from north Sudan and now a British subject, Mukhtar was previously campaign coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa region for Amnesty International. He travels to Sudan regularly.

    And, Albaqir Mukhtar, what's your main suggestion for ending the conflict in Darfur?

    ALBAQIR MUKHTAR, U.S. Institute of Peace: For the international community to show a resolution, to show that they are serious about protecting the civilians in Darfur at the moment, because they're in dire need for protection.

    And then to show determination that they have to end this conflict and to bring the two parties — the NRF, the National Redemption Front, that are fighting in Darfur and the government — to the negotiating table, and to admit that the Darfur peace agreement is now dead in the water.

    And they have to renegotiate a new settlement, because it's essentially a bad, quickly fixed agreement that was obvious to everybody it's not going to work, and now it proved it's not working.

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