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Wyoming Journalist Previews ‘Cowboy Caucus’

The state of Wyoming holds its Democratic caucus Saturday. Sen. Barack Obama is favored but both Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinotn are campaigning to win. A journalist from Wyoming Public Television previews the contest.

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    And speaking of Wyoming, here is Jeffrey Brown.


    The last time Wyoming played a big role in choosing the Democratic candidate was at the convention in 1960 when the state's delegation gave John F. Kennedy the votes he needed to clinch the nomination.

    Twelve delegates are at stake in tomorrow's caucuses. And Geoff O'Gara, public affairs host at Wyoming Public Television, joins us from Cheyenne for an update.

    Well, Geoff, given the history, I'm sure Wyoming Democrats aren't used to the kind of attention they're getting today. How much interest is all this generating?

  • GEOFF O’GARA, Host, Wyoming Public Television:

    Well, it's like waking up after a long sleep. They're very excited. I mean, Wyoming Democrats don't get an opportunity like this, to have that 15 minutes of fame, and they're enjoying it.

    There's a huge turnout expected at the caucuses tomorrow. We've got Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton crisscrossing the state, meeting with town hall meetings, and having all kinds of rallies. So there's a lot of excitement here.