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Dear Educator:

Welcome to the Inauguration 2001 Web site! This site is designed as a resource for you to use around the events in January 2001, but also as a broader resource for study of the executive branch of American government, past presidents, the Constitution, and elections.

The lessons featured here were designed for students in grades 6-12; each contains objectives, procedures, background information, related links, assessment recommendations, and ideas to extend the lesson for further study or for adapting the lesson to younger/older audiences.

Several of these lessons were originally created by George Cassutto, a Maryland social studies teacher, for the PBS Inaugural Classroom Web site in 1997. All lessons have been updated with new information and new links.

Additionally, please explore the list of related lessons and activities found elsewhere on There, you are sure to find dozens of presidential lessons that cover a variety of subject areas and grade levels!

Please send your questions and suggestions to We look forward to hearing from you!


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