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Index of Inaugural Lesson Plans
The Inaugural Speech: Setting the Tone for the Administration of a President
Read the inaugural speeches of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and compare historical context, presidential priorities, and bipartisan messages.

The Inauguration and the Media
Compare how different news sources cover the 2001 inauguration, write editorials, and look at international coverage of the U.S. presidency.

Steps in Selecting a President
How much do your students know about nomination guidelines, the electoral college, and primaries? Help them sort through the election process by conducting online research and creating flow charts.

The Inauguration and the Constitution
Investigate constitutional guidelines for presidential inaugurations, and explore how the inaugural ceremony incorporates the three branches of the federal government.

George Washington: The President Without Precedent
Through Washington's inaugural speeches and other online source material, identify important national precedents he set and learn about life in the new republic.

Thomas Jefferson: The Revolution of 1800
Examine how Jefferson's inauguration in 1800 tested constitutional rules for electing a president and embodied partisan politics; investigate how the election 200 years later raised similar concerns about the electoral process.

Andrew Jackson: King Mob or Champion of American Democracy?
Explore the inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1828 and identify the ways Jackson's election signaled important changes in the American political landscape.