Politics Apr 13

5 things to watch as Congress returns from a 2-week break

Congress reconvenes Monday after a two-week recess, and plunges immediately into a fierce debate over how to control Iran's nuclear program. Lawmakers also will decide whether to confirm a new attorney general and whether to stabilize payments for Medicare treatments.

Politics Feb 24

The 3 possibilities in the shutdown showdown over Homeland Security

With four days left until the Department of Homeland Security runs out of funding (Friday at midnight), the politics remain complicated but the options for Congress are simple: (1) Let DHS funding run out, (2) Fund the agency for the…

Jan 28

Republicans to vote on repealing Obamacare … again

Today in the Morning Line: House’s first month has focused on base issues without much chance of getting to the president Why another Obamacare vote? Freshmen want to say they voted against it Law remains unpopular, but people like…