Politics Jan 07

Obama starts 2015 on an upswing, but can it last?

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s approval rating is creeping upward. The economy is growing. And a flurry of aggressive executive actions on domestic and foreign policy have energized the West Wing.

Politics Dec 31

Obama’s approval rating climbs to highest point since 2013

President Obama’s approval rating reached 49 percent today, according to Rasmussen Reports. This reflects an increase from earlier this week, when Gallup reported the president’s approval rating was up to 48 percent, the highest it’s been since last year.

Politics Oct 10

Why (almost) no one cares about this election

Today in the Morning Line: Just a third of people have given “some” thought to this midterm And they’re not paying much attention to news about it Why is that? Two possible reasons: The lack of perceptible consequences and…