Jun 03

Reid, McConnell spar on campaign finance rules

The Senate's top Democrat says the free flow of what he calls "shady money" into politics is the biggest threat to democracy he's seen in his lifetime. But his Republican counterpart calls efforts to limit campaign spending "terrible policy."…

May 22

President Obama, Secretary Shinseki under fire amid VA scandal

Today in the Morning Line: Obama, Shinseki under pressure More to it than just tea party vs. establishment Candidates matter McConnell wants Lincoln-Douglas debates Mississippi’s nasty Senate race is about more than Mississippi Obama vows accountability with VA scandal:…

May 20

Tuesday primaries to answer key questions

Today in the Morning Line: Primary day in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania Republicans keeping an eye on top two finishers in Georgia McConnell in need of a big win against Bevin Can Wehby survive “harassment” reports? Do…

May 19

Tuesday’s primaries offer something for everyone

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to correct Sen. Mitch McConnell’s title. As of print time, he was the Senate Minority Leader, not the Majority Leader. Today in the Morning Line: Teeing up 2014’s Super Tuesday Tea party vs.

Apr 09

Obama goes back to Fort Hood

Today in the Morning Line: Obama speaks again after a tragedy Hillary Clinton says Putin must be contained Are some Republicans already taking the bait on women? Start watching those House races Obama goes back to Ft. Hood: President Obama…

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