World Mar 25

Africa’s elephants more endangered by poaching, habitat loss

The number of African forest elephants has fallen by more than 86% since 1990, while the population of savanna elephants dropped by more than 60% over the last 50 years, according to the IUCN, which rates the global extinction risks…

World Mar 16

Ethiopia rejects outside mediation in Nile River dam dispute

An Ethiopian official said on Tuesday that his government opposes calls by Sudan for outside mediators including the United States in the ongoing dispute over Ethiopia's construction of a massive hydroelectric dam on the Nile River.

World Feb 25

Medical oxygen scarce in Africa, Latin America amid virus

A crisis over the supply of medical oxygen for coronavirus patients has struck nations in Africa and Latin America, where warnings went unheeded at the start of the pandemic and doctors say the shortage has led to unnecessary deaths.