When reviewing 2009's humanitarian emergencies, several international aid organizations cited the massive needs of those displaced by fighting in places such as Somalia and Pakistan, and growing obstacles to accessing those in need of help.

President Barack Obama told world leaders Friday that it was time to come together on a climate change agreement, calling out stubborn positions that have stood in the way of progress, namely between rich and poorer countries.

Several hundred refugees began returning home to Pakistan's Swat Valley on Monday, part of a government repatriation program to resettle an estimated 2 million people who were displaced from their homes last spring because of fighting.

Chrysler LLC is closing all 30 North American manufacturing plants for at least a month, the company's latest cost-cutting move as the big three auto makers struggle to stay afloat while waiting for a government decision on aid to the…

The international community pledged more than $15 billion in aid to Afghanistan at a donors' conference in Paris Thursday, while Afghan President Hamid Karzai promised to fight corruption that has hindered past aid efforts.