Economy May 04

Airline scandals attract congressional scrutiny

Senators from both parties said airlines must improve the way they treat their passenger, but they also said airline employees must be treated with respect. Lawmakers also revived talk of a congressionally imposed "Passenger Bill of Rights."…

Nation Nov 22

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Tweet Your Thanksgiving Travel TSA Screening Experience

DetectFlashDecision_Blog('news01s459eqfc4', 'tB_cp4cn4dM', '29'); Many travelers will have their first taste of the TSA's new stricter security measures this week as the busy holiday travel season begins. With some passengers-rights groups urging people to opt out of security…

World Dec 28

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How Will Failed Bombing Affect U.S. Plane Passengers?

President Barack Obama said Monday afternoon that he has ordered a review of the U.S. air travel watch list system and air safety regulations following the failed Christmas Day attempt to bring down a Northwest Airlines airliner bound for…