Politics Jun 29

AP fact check: Trump on Mueller, trade; Dem debate debut

A few months ago, President Donald Trump affirmed that he thought special counsel Robert Mueller acted honorably in the Russia investigation. Now Trump is back in "witch hunt" territory, this time falsely accusing Mueller of committing a crime.

Nation Jun 22

AP fact check: The silent partner in Trump’s boasts

Despite assailing his Democratic predecessor for waging a “cruel and heartless war on American energy,” for example, Trump can brag about U.S. energy supremacy thanks to the sector’s growth in the Obama years.

Politics Jun 11

AP fact check: Trump overstates benefits from Mexico tariffs

In tweets Tuesday, President Donald Trump exaggerated how much of the auto industry had moved to Mexico and inaccurately asserted that if he imposed a tax of 25 percent on all Mexican goods, all the automaker jobs would immediately return…

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