Politics Dec 02

Trump’s on-off dance with complicated acquaintances

Amid weighty issues of state, another fascination at the Group of 20 summit has been President Donald Trump’s will-he, won’t-he dance with two fellow leaders who are something of international outcasts these days.

World Aug 09

Anti-abortion activists celebrate lawmakers rejecting a bill to legalize elective abortion in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Aug. 9. Photo by Agustin Marcarian/Reuters
Argentine Senate rejects legalizing elective abortion

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina's Senate on Thursday rejected a bill to legalize elective abortion, a defeat for a grassroots movement that came closer than ever to achieving the decriminalization of the procedure in the homeland of Pope Francis.

Mar 24

Obama: U.S. slow to speak out for human rights in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — President Barack Obama said Thursday that the United States was slow to speak out for human rights in Argentina during a dark chapter that still haunts South American nation, but pledged that his administration will do…

Mar 23

Obama: U.S. will go after ISIS aggressively

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A day after bombs ripped through Brussels, President Barack Obama declared that fighting the Islamic State is his "No. 1 priority" and pledged that the United States will pursue the jihadist group until it is destroyed.

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