Nation May 12

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Venezuelans fleeing crisis are seeking asylum in Texas

Thousands of Venezuelan immigrants have entered the U.S. in recent years, fleeing political and economic crises. Many have settled in and around the city of Houston, Texas, which is already home to a large Venezuelan-American community. NewsHour Weekend's Ivette Feliciano…

Politics Apr 30

Trump proposes charging asylum seekers a fee to apply

In a presidential memorandum signed Monday, President Donald Trump directed his attorney general and acting homeland security secretary to take additional measures to overhaul the asylum system. It is unclear how many families fleeing poverty would be able to afford…

Mar 30

Number of asylum seekers sent back over border to grow

Border officials are aiming to more than quadruple the number of asylum seekers sent back over the southern border each day, a major expansion of a top government effort to address the swelling number of Central Americans arriving in the…

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