World Sep 24

88 whales rescued from Australia’s worst mass beaching

Authorities have rescued 88 pilot whales and are attempting to free 20 others that survived Australia's worst mass stranding, as crews prepare to remove 380 decomposing carcasses from the shallows of Tasmania state.

Health Sep 04

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What universal health care means during a pandemic

Our series on universal health care, The Best Health Care? America and the World, was filmed before the novel coronavirus pandemic exploded. How have the three countries we explored -- the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Australia -- responded to this…

Jul 17

Countries across the globe battle flare-ups of COVID-19

Outbreaks in the world’s latest hot spots pushed the confirmed global case tally toward 14 million on Friday. Governments are frantically trying to prevent and put down fresh outbreaks and keep their economies running as the pandemic accelerates in some…

Jun 02

World outrage grows at George Floyd’s death

French authorities have banned a protest over racial injustice and heavy-handed police tactics as global outrage about the death of George Floyd in the United States kindled frustrations across borders and continents.

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