Mar 30

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After months of dire sales predictions and billions loaned in government aid, President Barack Obama laid out a series of tough terms for ailing U.S. automakers, including the ouster of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner.

Question: I am curious how you believe we should balance helping big companies with also helping their customers. The number one basic business principle is: Businesses don’t do well without customers. Solution: Provide customers. Here’s a case in…

One day before General Motors and Chrysler are required to submit restructuring plans to Congress, it was widely reported that President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans to appoint a "car czar" who would oversee the automakers' restructuring.

Ford, Toyota, Nissan, General Motors and Chrysler all posted record lows in their January sales reports Tuesday. The declines come at the end of a stretch of 15 months of plummeting sales that bring the companies' total losses near a…

Jan 05

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December marked another dismal month for automakers with new figures showing overall sales declines of more than 30 percent as the U.S. auto industry continues to struggle amid the economic downturn.