World Jan 14

U.S. sailors made navigational error in Iran, defense chief says

TAMPA, Florida — Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday it appears a navigational error caused the crews of two Navy boats to stray into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf, where they were detained overnight by Iran and released.

Politics May 14

Obama convenes Camp David summit with Gulf state leaders

CAMP DAVID, Md. — President Barack Obama sought to reassure anxious Persian Gulf nations on Thursday that the United States is committed to their security, insisting a nuclear deal with Iran would not leave them more vulnerable.

A Bahraini girl takes part in an anti-government protest in a village south of the capital in early February. Photo by Mohammed Al-Shaikh/Getty Images[/caption] Explosions and clashes between Sunni monarchy-supported security forces and anti-government Shiite protesters in Bahrain have marked…

Mar 12

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Arab Awakening

Protests across North Africa and the Middle East gained steam after revolts toppled leaders in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011. Track all of the unrest in our interactive timeline.

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