Mar 30

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GM CEO Ousted as Obama Details Auto Plan

After months of dire sales predictions and billions loaned in government aid, President Barack Obama laid out a series of tough terms for ailing U.S. automakers, including the ouster of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner.

Mar 25

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From rescuing the U.S. from a deepening recession to re-examining U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama has set a busy agenda -- earning praise from some and questions from others on its ambitious scope.

Question: I am curious how you believe we should balance helping big companies with also helping their customers. The number one basic business principle is: Businesses don’t do well without customers. Solution: Provide customers. Here’s a case in…

Mar 18

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AIG Chairman Liddy Heads to Capitol Hill

The head of American International Group appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday amid a furor over bonus pay at the company and told lawmakers that he's called on employees to return a portion the controversial payments.

As the furor continues over millions of dollars in employee bonuses at the failed insurance giant AIG, lawmakers and administration officials in Washington are weighing their options to either block the payments or penalize the company.

President Barack Obama said Monday that he intends to stop American International Group from paying out millions in executive bonuses, as concern intensified over the insurance giant's handling of federal rescue money.

Question: Why does AIG need yet another bailout? Paul Solman: As Joe Nocera and Frank Partnoy explained on Monday’s show, it’s all about the “counterparties.” These are the large financial institutions with whom…

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