Nation Oct 23

Dispute over Ohio drop box limit ends as advocates drop suit

The fight over Ohio’s limit on ballot drop boxes ended Friday after a coalition of voting rights groups opted to drop their lawsuit. The move leaves in place an election chief’s order that was derided by three separate courts.

Politics Nov 08

Voters face machine problems, long lines in some states

WASHINGTON — After weeks of competing claims of fraud and intimidation on Election Day, few voters who headed to the polls Tuesday morning encountered such problems, though there were some reports of machine breakdowns and long lines.

Oct 04

WASHINGTON — From Minnesota to the San Diego suburbs, Democrats are throwing millions of dollars into TV ads tethering House Republican candidates to Donald Trump. They say the strategy is buoying their quest for big gains in the chamber in…

Nov 06

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Voters are heading to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots for local and national offices, including for president of the United States. Here are some scenes from polling places.