President Barack Obama will call Congress to a "season for action" on health care Wednesday night, urging lawmakers to set aside partisan gamesmanship in favor of drafting reform legislation, according to excerpts released by the White House.

Paul Solman: The third in this week’s series of conversations with economist Simon Johnson has to do with the cap and trade debate — whether cap and trade is a good idea, the feasibility of a carbon tax, and…

Question: Is there any talk of reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act? Paul Solman: For those who can’t remember as far back as 1933, Glass-Steagall was an act of Congress passed only three months after President Roosevelt took office and…

May 19

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Debating Gun Control

In a move lauded by gun control advocates and Senate Democrats, Republican leaders have decided to allow consideration of more gun control amendments to the juvenile crime bill currently under consideration.

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